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Style with RoseS2 days ago
Our WednesdayBlossoming rose is Constable HILDAH MUWAMBA, a girl from a humble background and now a female driving instructor at the Zambia Police Service at 24. She joined the Zambia police service but took an added interest in motor cycling and driving and then emerged as one of the best trainee riders. In 2016 she was retained as a trainer at the Zambia police school and has since remained the ONLY female instructor in the department.

She is rated a “blossoming rose” because she takes others along with her through training encouraging a girl child or a fellow woman who might doubt their capabilities as a woman. She said being a female is not an excuse for failure to do extra ordinary or breath taking activities especially those that were viewed as strictly for men in the past.

She has motivated most police trainees at the school who work hard and want to follow in her footsteps.

HILDAH has a dream of being the first female presidential driver in Zambia because she has the ability to do the work.

QUOTE: Discipline, humilty and the fear of GOD is the secret to success.

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Style with RoseS4 days ago
#BuddingRoseMonday! Starting our Monday with a
Kick and a punch!! Our budding rose for this week has the baddest kick of 2018!! Shepolopolo top striker Barbara Banda was one of the standout players in the qualification for the 2018 Africa Cup of Nations and Cosafa Women Championship. Barbara is also the FIRST FEMALE FOOTBALLER TO PLAY IN EUROPE AND BOX AT A HIGH LEVEL. (AGE 19)

This budding rose made history by becoming the first Zambian women footballer to sign for a European side. She headed to Spain to join Spanish Women’s football club, Escuelas de Fútbol de Logrono that currently plays in the Spanish Primera. Not only does Barbra play football, she also participates in professional boxing in Europe.
We have our eyes on her and following her journey closely because with such talent, we know that she will leave a blossoming mark for Zambia where ever she plays.

Barbra says “it is through God, FOCUS and hard work that one can open doors to bigger and better things. Not everyone has a calling like mine but once you find your strength build it to your best and you will see better results”.

BUDDING MONDAY CHALLENGE: How are YOU as a BUDDING ROSE staying true to yourself and your abilities yet always be open to learn?

WHAT talent can you work hard at, that will open doors for you on the global rosebush?

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Style with RoseS2 weeks ago
#FridayFlourish StylewithRoseS applaud this initiative founded by Mutinta Musokotwane-Chikopela #Am Just Saying that believes ALL GIRLS CAN!! We definitely resonate because a rose always needs to be watered, pruned and shaped into the overall beauty of its PURPOSE in order to change and impact lives. In a rose bush, each season of bloom brings out new and different roses destined for different purposes of use. Yet each one is carefully watered and nurtured with a similar objective of BLOSSOMING into many beautiful roses far and wide to express love; joy; friendship; peace and the connection of human emotion that is much needed for budding out into full FLOURISH!

Join in the growing budding conversations!!

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Style with RoseS2 weeks ago
Our #WednesdayBlossom is Namwali Serpell! A Zambian writer who teaches in the United States. Her story “THE SACK” won the 2015 Caine prize for African fiction in English. Namwali inspires us as a BLOSSOMING ROSE carrying others through her impactful writing that is recognised globally. Using her gift for writing and what started off as a dream to her, became an award winning story! She has become the first Zambian writer to win the prestigious Caine prize for African writing.

“The sack” as the book is titled, was influenced by a bad dream the writer had when she was 17 years, and she said she did not know if she was inside or outside the whole scene.

Being nominated and winning meant there were others who did not win the prize. This blossoming rose with a heart of gold is best described by her selfless gesture witnessed for the first time in the history of the Caine Prize when she as the winner shared her prize money with the other shortlisted writers.

Since winning the Caine Prize in July, Chatto & Windus in the UK and Hogarth in the US have bought world rights to her debut novel The Old Drift.

She later wrote another award winning story titled “Bad S*x Bet” which has now sold over 5000 copies across the world.

We certainly applaud this BLOSSOMING ROSE for demonstrating that putting “pen to paper” on your GIFT can turn your life around as a global rose.

QUOTE: ““Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”
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Style with RoseS3 weeks ago
#BuddingRoseMonday!! A seed with enough water for it to bud is the best way to produce a beautiful rose...Roses come in different colours; shapes and sizes: each bringing its own valuable meaning. Our budding rose radar picks BUNTY HOWARD - the FIRST ZAMBIAN OLYMPIAN HORSE RIDER as our youngest bud so far; but has gained recognition at national, continental and global level. At five years old she became the first Zambian Olympian to represent Zambia in Horse riding in South Africa.

Now 16 years old, BUNTY HOWARD is blooming so well!! In October 2018 she was selected to represent Zambia and Africa as a continent, when all African countries were combined to make one team in the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina where she has represented Zambia in a variety of different equestrian disciplines.

This bud is so determined and worked hard, which earned her third place and earned her a BRONZE medal!

It is through consistent hard work, passion and training that this bud is blossoming and words like “Wa jumpa bwino” are her muse before going into the ring.

As a young rider with big aspirations BUNTY does not plan to stop here. Horse riding will always be a part of her and she strives to make her passion a professional career in the future. This year, she has been awarded National Junior Sportswoman of the Year, by the Zambia national sports council.

BUNTY continues to focus on her showjumping as she will compete in the biggest, most prestigious events in South Africa and she plans to travel to other countries and continue raising the Zambian flag high🇿🇲

QUOTE: A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes SWEAT, DETERMINATION and HARD WORK and it is PASSION for what you do that will make you a successful person.
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Style with RoseS3 weeks ago
A FLOURISHING rose is one who allows other roses to burst into their own BLOOM season in and season out. A mentor and facilitator for others to grow. The lovely Zambian born Lukwesa Burak epitomises “a flourishing rose”. She is the first Zambian female BBC news anchor known to have given her voice globally through association with notable news networks in the world such as Al Jazeera, ENCA and Sky News.

As a young budding rose; she studied Geography and European studies where she earned her Bachelors degree in Switzerland and now holds a Masters degree of science at the University of Leicester. Added to that she equipped herself with speaking French.

She is currently a News Presenter for BBC News. Previously, she was a presenter and interviewer for Africa Edition on eNCA (formerly known as eNews Channel), based in South Africa. She was formerly a Weather Forecaster and then News Presenter in the United Kingdom, for East Midlands Today, a regional television news programme covering the Midlands area of Central England, followed by news presenter for Sky News, the 24-hour television news service operated by Sky Television, part of British Sky Broadcasting, based in London. She became a news presenter for eNCA in August 2012.

StylewithRoseS love her because LUKWESA waters other roses by encouraging the budding youth to expand their knowledge territories of current affairs to expand in fields of learning in order to BLOSSOM. She challenges young people to not limit their achievement possibilities from a global picture perspective.

QUOTE: “ I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday”.

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*Source Credit: Zambia Nation: BBC Profiles