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Style with RoseS2 weeks ago
Just because its Wednesday and we know that roses and chocolates go so well together; our #WednesdayBlossom pick is Lynn Musonda Phiri; Co-founder of Savanna Premium Chocolate. Savanna Premium Chocolate is a brand of Vanimi Zambia Ltd. They are a bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Lusaka, Zambia. They produce luxury artisan chocolates and other chocolate products for Africa and other international markets.

We love that its not your every day kind of choice for women entrepreneurs, yet a "must have" indulgence that actually fulfills a demanding market need! We also applaud that they are focused on the bigger picture to develop the chocolate industry in Africa and change the narrative that premium chocolates are only made in western countries.

#WednesdayBlossomTip: Work on that idea that may seem like a far fetched occasional luxury, yet it may just find its place in the premium luxury market globally!

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Style with RoseS
Style with RoseS2 weeks ago
Style with RoseS #BuddingMonday petals are today laid out for Ruth Mooto. Founder and Creative behind My Perfect Stitch Home! This is because Ruth demonstrates that there are many challenges in the journey to becoming an Entrepreneur; BUT if you learn from those experiences and keep going - you will continue to break out in unexpected ways. She started running My Perfect Stitch in 2016 and makes ready-to-wear fashion for women and custom made furniture such as upholstery, tables, stools and sofas to individual taste and is fast becoming a preferred supplier to private and corporate spaces!

She has certainly stood out as a BUDDING rose this year by being shortlisted in the Southern Africa Entrepreneur Awards: Showcasing her Fashion line on a Paris Runway and of course the big one of showcasing her unique colorful furniture to HRH The Duke of Sussex Prince Harry on his recent visit to Zambia through BongoHive incubator.

Ruth was recognized ‘Most Promising Emerging Entrepreneur’ from Graça Machel’s New Faces New Voices Trust in 2017 – a Pan-African advocacy organisation focused on, women’s economic and financial empowerment, leadership and good governance as well as child health and nutrition, education.

Ruth's curious ability to keep learning and evolving her Brand with creative colors in fashion and upholstery, encourages the BUDDING GENERATION that in order to fully break out and show your true value as a rose, you need TENACITY, PERSERVERANCE and the COURAGE to break out in unknown gardens to stand out.

#BuddingMondayChallenge: As a BUDDING ROSE - how tough tested are you to keep EVOLVING your creative idea in order to grow as an ENTREPRENEUR?

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Style with RoseS2 weeks ago
It remains a threat to the BUDDING generation. Stay safe #aids #worldaidsday #december1st #budblossomflourish
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Style with RoseS2 weeks ago
#FridayFlourish recognition to a FLOURISHED rosebush! The International Women’s Club of Lusaka for the amazing work they’ve done this year to fund raise towards supporting selected performing charities in Zambia. This year, they’ve donated +/-ZMW180K to 13 deserving causes that are impacting young budding roses who need special support, which the presented to the organizations this week. The 13 charities supported this year are:

2. Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia
3. City of Hope
4. Coptic Mission Academy
5. Fly Spec
6. Future In My Hand
7. Home of Joy
8. Kayula Childhood Cancer Foundation
9. Kondwa Day Centre For Orphans
10. Little Assisis Special School
11. Mbawemi School
12. Old Macdonald Farm
13. Vision of Hope

Style with RoseS celebrates these FLOURISHING roses because of their consistent dedication and commitment to supporting the vulnerable in society.

Well Done IWC !!

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Style with RoseS3 weeks ago
#WednesdayBlossom spotlight on Regina Mtonga Co-Founder of Asikana Network. This amazing blossoming rose co-runs the Asikana Network; the name referring to ‘young women’s network’ in local Zambian dialect. Since the organisation’s official launch in 2013, the network aims to connect more women with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in Zambia, with technology as a core focus area.

Regina, a recipient of the Queens Commonwealth Award in 2015, believes that there is a huge opportunity for more women to be involved in ICT and it starts from training them when they’re young.

Regina and her associate founders are determined to equip as many young ladies as possible with access to evolving technology.

We celebrate her because the Asikana Network has made amazing strides since inception to advance the education of the girl child in technology and ICT.

WednesdayBlossomTip: As a BLOSSOMING rose in your late 20s - 30s: You have an AHA moment through your own life experiences that can stir you into taking on BUDDING roses to show them the way to bloom...WHAT are you doing about it?

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Style with RoseS3 weeks ago
#BuddingRoseMonday!! Teenage Pregnancies and young motherhood are a sad reality. BUT there's a BUDDING rose that is doing something about it and is determined to save young lives! She has captured our attention this week - Muzalema Mwanza! A young Civil Engineer who has come up with a great idea to create Baby Delivery Kits. The Baby Delivery Kit is a simple but well researched kit of tools for midwives in Zambia delivering babies in under-resourced clinics, or at home births.

Muzalemwa identified a gap in the market for Baby Delivery Kits to assist Midwives. She began working with clinics in two major cities in Zambia to find out the extent of the problem.

The kit includes basic items like a scalpel, sanitary pads, a hygienic sheet and cotton swabs – a list often given to prospective mothers to provide themselves when they arrive at hospitals to give birth.

Today, Muzalemwa and her team produce thousands of kits a month, selling them through twenty clinics directly to prospective mothers and midwives in an effort to reduce infections among new-borns.

We "pluck" her out as a budding rose because Muzalemwa's efforts are targeted at preserving new borns who are part of the next generation of leaders. We also applaud her being shortlisted on the 2019 Africa Prize for Engineering!!

Congratulations to Muzalema Mwanza and the BongoHive Launch Alumni, Safe Motherhood Alliance! We salute you!

Budding Rose Challenge: What gap in the market that needs a solution can YOU as a young budding rose come up with that can save lives?

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