#ChooseDay Rosepiration: Choose to be HOPEFUL…White roses often convey a feeling of HOPE, they also symbolise other new beginnings…Since Bwalya Nawa‘s exclusive interview on Style with RoseS talkshow, she was privileged to yet again be invited to attend the recording of one of the most coveted red carpets for global women excellence: the prestigious Black Girls Rock! Inc. awards!!

Bwalya’s continued world-class makeup artistry, has recently seen her back in the USA yet again. She is personally passing on her blossom by being able to take her son and daughter with her, to also expose these young buds to a whole big global garden out there!! She is therefore already investing in the most impactful, MUST carefully be tended to..upcoming generation Z!!

She however continues to come back to Zambia regularly and professionally pass on her gift and passion to other Zambian budding roses! Catch up with her in March 2018 when she launches new makeup artistry classes that she will conduct to pass on her rose blossom to other upcoming MUA’s!! Salute to our Zambian budding rose Bwalya Nawa ‘ZedGirl’!! Thank you for your contribution to watering the growing Rosebush!!

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#budblossomflourish *Pic courtesy Fortress MEDIA Photography